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Love and Society

November 11, 2016 by Armin A. Zadeh

Most of us want love in our lives, even those who post or utter unkind words. Love is happiness. Focusing on our love for others leads to contentment and satisfaction which cannot be achieved by pursuing power. Indeed, the pursuit of anything in life without love (i.e., the urge and continuous effort for the wellbeing of others) will not lead to lasting happiness. We may feel great about ourselves when assuming a position of power but soon we will be facing anxiety over losing the power which will poison our minds. Worse even, we may not even recognize that we are missing out on true joy in life.

Love requires awareness, effort and focus.  In our busy days, there often does not seem enough time to calibrate our minds while we are running around checking off our to-do items. It is unfortunate that spirituality appears to have no dominant role in many of our lives. The waning influence of religion paired with increasing academic and economic pressures has left a critical void for personal development.

If we really do want a life filled with lasting happiness, we need to invest in love. We need our minds to retain awareness and focus on love every day. If we really want to have love in our society, we similarly have to provide effort to this goal. This includes motivating and organizing loving people to make our voices heard. It also means being attentive to the vulnerable among us and supporting those who are making sacrifices fighting for a loving society.

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