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Everybody agrees love is important for our lives. Have you ever wondered why? What is it about love that moves us? Is it spiritual or biological (or maybe both)? What is love anyway? How is it linked to the purpose of our existence, wellbeing, and happiness? Why do we love somebody but not others? Do we have any control over it? If so, why do we spend so much time achieving all kinds of things but devote little time to mastering love?

If you have wondered about these questions, you are in luck. I have spent a lot of time finding answers to them and wrote them down in a book which is being released this fall: The Forgotten Art of Love.

What this book adds to the discussion about love is its multi-faceted approach to the topic. Most books on love are written from a particular angle or background, e.g., psychology, philosophy, religion, biology. However, love and its meaning to us cannot be solely understood in any of these categories—it requires an integrative perspective.

The Forgotten Art of Love provides a comprehensive view on love using insights from philosophy, psychology, religion, medicine, and biology for a novel grasp on love and its meaning for us. Based on these insights, it offers a practical guide to permanently keep love in our lives.

Armin Zadeh


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